Company Services

One of the company’s major strength is the team of seasoned customer services department comprising customer & Project engineers, Customer Care representatives, Service Management Officers, Operation analyst, Account service managers, Logistics interface for part distribution and Finance Administrator.

NCR services today pride itself in widespread coverage & footprint in the Nigerian services industry with customer engineers in 6 geopolitical zones of the country and presence in every local Govt. area, hence the best response and resolution time in the industry.

NCR has the largest services network with 3 central ware houses (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt) and 9 regional stocking locations (Ibadan, Benin, Kano, Calabar, Akure, Enugu, Jos, Owerri and Kaduna)

The company has continued to deliver the best ATM uptime availability to our highly delighted customers.

NCR provides maintenance and support services (hardware/software) for our product offerings and also other services including site assessment and preparation, staging, installation and implementation, systems management and managed services of third party products.

Our strategy is to focus primarily on maintenance and support of NCR-branded products in order to capture higher margin services and significantly reduce redundant costs associated with supporting/servicing multiple third-party products.

We have robust and experienced Professional services Consultants with specialized expertise on software products.
Consumables These products include two-sided thermal paper, paper rolls for receipts in ATMs and POS solutions, inkjet and laser printer supplies, thermal transfer and ink ribbons, labels, laser documents, business forms, and specialty media items such as photo and presentation papers.

ATMs and Other Financial Products

We provide financial institutions, retailers and independent deployers with financial-oriented self-service technologies, such as ATMs (with forex, cheque accepting, cash dispensing and accepting capabilities), kiosks (financial and retail), mobile branches, video teller machines and recyclers.
These solutions create pleasant and convenient experiences for consumers, generate new revenue streams and enable our customers to reduce costs while enhancing customer loyalty.

Financial and Retail Solutions

Our financial and retail solutions are designed to quickly and reliably process consumer transactions and incorporate advanced features.
We boost a very rich suite of software that is second to none in the industry. These includes: ATM application, security solutions, fraud management, transaction switching, predictive platform, cash management, mobile banking, online banking, ATM network monitoring, transaction monitoring, reconciliation, image and electronic journal management, enterprise data warehousing and a host of others. This remains one of our richest value add to our customers with the attending result of improving operational efficiency, enhancing consumer experience and ensuring significant cost savings.

Cheque and Document Imaging

Our cheque and Document Imaging offerings provide end-to-end solutions for both traditional paper-based and image-based cheque and item processing. These solutions utilize advanced image recognition and workflow technologies to automate item processing, helping financial institutions increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Consisting of hardware, software, consulting and support services, our comprehensive Cheque and Document Imaging solutions enable cheque and item-based transactions to be digitally captured, processed and retained within a flexible, scalable environment. NCR was also involved in the introduction of the MICR cheque standards in Nigeria and, for many years, was a member of the CBN-MICR implementation sub-committee. The process of cheque clearing in Nigeria changed when NCR partnered with Nigerian InterBank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS) to develop a solution for Nigeria Automated Clearing System (NACS). NCR deployed NCR’s Electronic Cheque Processing & Image Capture solution and this project was rated very successful by NIBSS as well as the participating banks. NCR’s image capture system takes care of over 70% of the total items processed in the clearing house.

NCR Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse, BI and Marketing Automation System

NCR Corporation was until 2007, the parent company of Teradata Corporation, the leading provider of powerful, enterprise analytic technologies and services that include Enterprise Data warehouse, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management, CRM. The company (Teradata) was however spun-off as a stand-a-lone organization in 2007, as a separate entity from NCR Corporation. NCR Nigeria is however, the regional representative of Teradata Corporation for the entire Africa region, excluding Egypt and Pakistan. In this capacity, NCR Nigeria offers Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions to the banking industry in Nigeria. Teradata is the global leader in analytic data platforms, business applications and consulting services that help organizations become more competitive by increasing the value of their data and customer relationships. With over 2,700 customers in 77 countries, NCR Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI solution is the leader in Data Analytics, Multi-Channel Campaign Management, Marketing Resource Management and Integrated Marketing Management suite of solutions.